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 7 Reasons to join.

Membership fee: you can give and receive help up to for a full year depending on your honesty payment (Note: payment is voluntary) see Terms of Service Paragraph No. 5.

Join HelpConnections.org.
join Helpconnections and fight this Bad Economy!

Communicate Online: Members can communicate with each other right online. 

Give and Receive Help: A benefit of becoming a member of Help Connections.org allows you to give and receive help out of the four basic Necessities and that’s Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Transportation all within your zip code. Now severing all of United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and within over 42,000 zip codes.  

Remain Anonymous: You can give and receive help anonymously for Food and Clothing, including remaining anonymous while communicating online, because of the recession there are first time individuals and their families who are too embarrassed to visit a soup kitchen or a food bank to receive help. Help Connections saves you from feeling embarrassed from giving or receiving help.

Create our join car pools: There is no need to travel long distances by yourself to your destination, while there could be somebody within your same neighborhood or zip code that is traveling the same route. Help Connections.org solves this problem. You can select transportation and Car pool including your starting and destination zip code. Help Connec-tions.org will literally match you with some-body traveling the same route and give driving directions with a map. 

Build Professional Resume: While being a member of Help Connections.org, you can create a free detailed professional resume. You may update it at any given time.  As a bonus you can add images or photos to your work history section of your resume; this allows you to be more competitive person applying for a job. Your resume will be stored right online and have its own unique URL where you can email it to your potential employer to view. Create word* or PDF documents to email to your potential employer.
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Create Professional Job ads: As an employer you can create professional job ads to find the right employee for your business. Please see Job Builder.

* Word documents are in RTF (rich text format) and is only viewable in MS Word 2003-2010

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